Advertisements for IB tuition

Running a tuition center is hard work. Most people don’t realize how much background work goes into every class. Notes, Lesson plans, briefs, and exercises are just some of the things that have to be prepared for every student, every single time they come for a class. At the end of the day, a tuition center is identified by the quality of education it provides; despite all the perks and luxuries we have in our center, if the students weren’t getting good grades, we would have gone out of business long ago. So the quality control can absolutely not be neglected.

This means that marketing and other administrative tasks often become a chore. They have to be done because without them, there will be no students! At the same time, they don’t contribute to the quality of education we provide and that is what we are here for. We always use simple words in our advertisements. Something like “IB & IGCSE Tuition” or “Premier IB tuition center in Singapore” isn’t really saying much but getting our message across. We don’t write walls of text explain our goal for each student for next four months because we create custom plans for every single student. Besides, if it is a wall of text that tickles your fancy than this blog is the ideal place for you anyways!

Despite our simple wordings, competitors often copy us word by word. This can be really annoying because it shows that they don’t know their own specialty. If we say “Premier IB Tuition Center in Singapore”, they call themselves the same. Most of them don’t even know what Premier means! By using our wordings, even if they are able to attract a few customers, they won’t remain with these tuition centers because the centers can never offer what we promise. Our competitors hope to get a few extra clicks out of it but I believe it only serves to distract the parents & students.

Every business has a differentiating factor; a niche that it can occupy. Our competitors are many things we are not. We are not cheap, we don’t offer discounts and we are not the largest chain in Singapore. However, when it comes to the number of subjects we teach, resources we have and the quality of education we provide, no one comes even close. We specialize heavily in IB. This means we have all the resources imaginable from Question banks to supplementary notes. It’s very difficult for our competitors to offer the same value proposition. Right clicking and copying takes a few seconds but making a back-end that makes writing all those claims possible takes years, if not decades.

We teach all IB subjects from Geography & Arts to more mainstream subjects like Physics & Mathematics. We have invested huge sums of money in teacher training. Above all, we do things from heart. For example, students can have Cadbury chocolates, candies, milk, soft drinks, latte, cappuccino and other such niceties because we care about our students and want to make our center a true second home. I have seen students who stay in our center all day because they find the place comfortable and conducive to studying.

So, this is my advice to my competitors. Don’t focus on copying us. Try to offer the same value proposition as us. We are not attracting students because of flashy advertising. If anything, our advertising is wholly inadequate for the kind of premium service our customers get.

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