IB Tuition For History

History is not just a recording of the past. It is more about reconstructing and interpreting it. It is said that the winner writes the history as even this record of facts and dates can have several different interpretations. A study of this enchanting subject takes us to bygone eras and builds an appreciation of past and the people inhabiting it. It also generates empathy for people living in other contexts.

IB History is an introductory course and can be taken at both higher (HL) and standard (SL) level. The History syllabus comprises of an in-depth study of a prescribed subject and selection of two topics. Students can choose to cover the main developments in the history of Europe and the Islamic world or to cover main developments in 20th century World History. HL Students select from a range of optional syllabi to cover a wider time span encouraging depth and breadth.

We offer both group and ad-hoc classes. A structured program is created for each student. . Our tutors first go over the concepts, themes and periods discussed in syllabus. Emphasis is placed on use of appropriate terminology and structure. Students are encouraged to think critically about the periods discuss and form their own interpretations that can be used when answering exam questions. During class, frequently tested questions and techniques to tackle them are discussed and students are given take home practice material to crystallize their understanding.

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn aims to:

  • Enhance understanding of historical events through discussion and analysis
  • Improve the ability to write coherently and legibly within a given framework
  • Provide students with clear notes to aid revision and reinforcement
  • Ingrain time management skills through practice of exam questions

We also help our students with History Internal assessment (Historical Investigation). Contact us now to schedule a class.

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