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The Theory of Knowledge essay (TOK) essay is an opportunity for the IB candidate to apply what he/she has learned in the IB program. A list of questions is prescribed every year and the students are expected to write a well-structured argument on any one topic with 1200-1600 words. A diverse range of topics is provided to ensure that each student works on something close to his/her heart. Personal examples are expected and a student is required to relate the essay to knowledge issues and area of knowing discussed in class.

Writing a TOK essay can be very enlightening and challenging at the same time. Student’s Inn provides a complete package for students undertaking the TOK essay. Since all IB students have to choose from a very limited no. of topics (ten only in 2011), the tutors have normally covered the topics before. Possible knowledge issues are discussed and the one that appeals most to the student is selected. They are able to zoom in on the important points and provide a framework in which the student can narrate his own personal experiences. Emphasis is placed on use of appropriate terminology and making links to concepts and themes taught in the syllabus. After the essay is written, it is reviewed and polished till the tutor, student and the supervisor in school are satisfied.

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn helps the student in:

  • Selecting a good knowledge issue
  • Critically analysing the issue and making links to area and ways of knowing
  • Broadening perspective by highlighting alternative interpretations
  • Presenting ideas in a coherent and fluent manner

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