I managed to get into all the universities I applied to thanks to Student’s Inn. A learning centre that did more than just offer help, but focused on developing student’s ability and driving their passion. Thankyou!

Aditya Chand – UWCSea

I joined Student’s inn as even though I would understand the topic, I wasnt able to score well in my school exams which was highly frustrating for me. After a few sessions I was able to write anwsers with more accuracy, using proper keywords, improving my concepts along the way and therefore increasing my confidence. I learnt and understood much more than I did before. My marks in my weak subjects such as business studies and chemistry boosted in school. Thanks to Student’s Inn I was able to achieve A* in both my subjects (Business and Chemistry) in my final IGCSE exams, which I didn’t think was possible before I joined them. Thanks a lot I really appreciate the effort that you guys put it.

Udit – Global Indian International School.

Chemistry was a very frustrating subject for me. I never progressed beyond Cs in it with D being the norm. I almost decided to give it up as a subject in school. As expected when I took my IGCSE exams I had a row of A’s , one B and the ugly D staring at me. My mother convinced me to retake my IGCSE chemistry exam. I tried to explain I hated the subject and there was no way I could improve. I tried studying on my own, after a short while I realized this wasn’t really working out. My mother, seeing my condition, contacted Student’s Inn. I was highly skeptical, but I went anyways since studying on my own wasn’t working out. Boy, was I in for a surprise. After the first class, my teacher clearly explained to me where I was going wrong. My fundamentals were very weak and my school was not covering the basic topics that were needed to grasp the more difficult concepts. My teacher took baby steps with me. It was the first time I actually understood what was going on. My teacher was patient and dedicated. At times, when I would get stuck, even at the most basic concepts she showed patience and concern. She would repeatedly try to explain things to me in different manner till I got the hang of the concept. In a matter of few months, my whole expectation of Chemistry grades changed. It was now a manageable subject for me. I sat for my IGCSE chemistry again in November and got an A. From a ‘D’ to ‘A’, in a matter of 3 months was amazing, I truly appreciate the help that I received at Student’s Inn. I highly recommend Student’s Inn to students who are sitting for IGCSE exams.

Hussain , November 2011 Private IGCSE candidate.

“When I first came to Student’s Inn, I had no self confidence in my Mathematics skills. After only a few sessions my whole perspective changed along with my grades. Student’s Inn helped me grow and become a more confident and independent learner.”

Jade Legault – Overseas Family School

“Before I joined Student’s Inn, I had never really been able to anwser questions properly. But after joining the institute, I was able to write anwsers with more accuracy and with more confidence because I had learnt and understood much more than what I did in school and also learnt how to anwser IGCSE questions properly thanks to the teachers who not only gave me practise papers but also taught me what keywords would make an anwser better. It has helped me a lot by not only boosting my confidence but also my grades in my weak subjects such as business studies. The institute has a friendly environment to study and the teachers are very interactive and friendly as well. I highly recommend Student’s Inn to IGCSE stduents.”

Sriram Sivakumar – Global Indian International School.

“I currently take IB Business and Biology tuition at Student’s Inn. The center has not only helped me improve my grades but has also increased my knowledge of the subjects especially the ones I am weak in. I found all my tutors to be very patient and friendly. All of them will keep explaining a point till it finally sinks in without getting frustrated. They keep an optimistic point of view and always make studies seem like fun. The thing I like the most about Student’s Inn is that my tutors have developed a personal relationship with me which allows me to feel comfortable in classes. This has improved my confidence level and knowledge of my subjects by leaps and bounds!”

Michelle – Overseas Family School, Grade 12 student

“Completing IB has been a whole lot easier with the help of Taimoor. He has not only helped me achieve the grades that I needed to get into medicine but has also made learning an enjoyable experience! I really appreciate the effort he put into every class when it came to printing past papers, looking through different books and making me practice so many question till I got the hang of each topic! Classes with him have never been boring as he didn’t spend the whole time giving lectures but also made me practice examination questions till I was confident. I have to admit that I felt most prepared for Business and Chemistry because of the time I spent revising with him. He has been one of the best teachers, I have come across till date. :-)”

Sana Kapoor – UWCSEA, Graduate class of 2010

“Ever since I have been doing classes with Student’s Inn, I have seen a significant rise in my physics and statistics grades. I am able to apply concepts better. I also love fruit plus.(candies).:-) “

Tan May – Singapore American School, Grade 10

“Student’s Inn has a very relaxed environment. The ambiance keeps me focused on task at hand and prevents me from day dreaming. The tutors are very good and manage to make even the boring subjects like Mathematics and English fun!”

Phillippe Legault – Overseas Family School, Grade 9

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