IB Tuition For Business and Management

Our world of today is based on commerce. Without Business, there would be no specialization and hence very little advancement. The IB Business and management course prepares business leaders of the future.

IB Business and Management can be taken at both higher (HL) and standard (SL) level. At higher level, the students have to cover more content and also have to take an extra module, Business strategy. It is suitable for candidates who want to pursue Business and Management or a related discipline such as Economics in university. Standard level is more suited for students who don’t want to take Business in university.

At Student’s Inn, we train our students to think critically about issues facing businesses and how these can be resolved. These skills are particularly relevant when trying to answer case study questions. Our tutors follow a rigorous and structured program. They first go over the concepts in syllabus and then discuss various ways these can be applied in real-life business situations. Emphasis is placed on use of appropriate terminology and structure. During class, frequently tested questions and techniques to tackle them are discussed and students are given take home practice material to crystallize their understanding of the subject. During review of these questions, if understanding of the subject is found wanting, the entire process is repeated over again to ensure that the students experience improvements in score.

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn aims to:

  • Enhance understanding of the key business concepts
  • Improve the ability to analyse and discuss case studies
  • Enable students to discuss and articulate their ideas in a clear and coherent manner
  • Ingrain time management skills through practice of texts and case studies
  • Create and sustain interest in the subject through application of Business theory to real life situations

We also help our students with Business Internal Assessments and Extended essay.

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