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Mathematics is the language of nature. The elegance of mathematics has no parallel in any other subjects. Its ability to express even the most intricate of problems in a few words is unparalleled in any other subject. Many believe that if we ever meet sentient life in the universe, we will be able to understand each other through Mathematics, hence the title of universal language.

IB Mathematics is a high school course which covers the fundamentals of Mathematics. It is a fairly challenging course but has the potential to increase score with proper coaching.

IB Mathematics can be undertaken at four different levels. Mathematics Studies SL is suitable for those students who have only the most basic understanding of Mathematics and don’t want to pursue a subject requiring Mathematics in the future, for example the visual arts.  Mathematics SL (Standard level) is for students who have some training and have some exposure to solving Mathematical problems. This course will prepare students well for subjects that require a firm grasp of Mathematical concepts such as Business, Economics, or psychology. Mathematics HL (Higher level) requires a firm grasp of Mathematical concepts and aptitude in the subject. Majority of HL students go on to university to either pursue Mathematics as a major or as a major component of some other course such as Engineering or Physics.

Mathematics HL is looked upon very favourably by most university as it is a fairly challenging course. Finally, IB Further Mathematics SL is the most challenging Mathematical course. Suitable for the numerically inclined, who want to take their understanding of the subject to the next level, Further Mathematics SL requires dedication, natural aptitude and proper tutoring.

At student’s Inn, we prepare students for all four examinations regardless of their previous exposure. Due to the nature of the subject, it is best learned over a long period of time with regular practice. Students who try to finish the course in last few months can see improvement with dedicated tuition but the gains will be limited, especially if the Student doesn’t have a natural aptitude for the subject.

IB Mathematics Tuition in Singapore is taught by a few tuition centres but none of them have the amount of resources that we provide. Due to the difference in syllabus of four “flavours” of Mathematics, a unique and different approach is required for each level. With proper training, a tutor can impart the basic concepts and knowledge of the subjects but he will fail to coach students in the specific skills needed to excel in IB exams. Going to normal tuition centres for IB Mathematics is not a good idea due to big difference between the IB and other High School Syllabi.

We approach IB Mathematics tuition in a methodological and structured manner. We focus on improving the student’s skills with calculators and Algebra in general. They are then coached on harder problems and problem solving algorithms are then discussed. The tutors go over each and every topic to ensure the student is not missing out any concepts. After that, a large volume of questions are practiced to consolidate learning. Finally, challenging questions and exam papers are then introduced to ensure that the students are well prepared for their exams. Regular revision sessions ensure that students don’t forget their concepts. If the students need help in any specific topic, the tutors will go over them again.
We hold both regular and ad hoc sessions. Students have the choice of joining group classes to make learning a group experience or opting for an individual lesson to get more focused attention. We also help our students with Mathematics Internal Assessment (IA) and extended essays (EE).

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of essential concepts
  • Inculcate the ability to formulate and articulate Mathematical concepts using appropriate terms
  • Promote in-depth understanding of use of graphical calculator in Mathematics
  • Enhance the ability to approach problems in a disciplined and appropriate manner
  • Ingrain time management skills to ensure appropriate revision before the exams
  • Develop lifelong interest in Mathematics which makes learning fun and easy

Students are provided with:

  • Concise but comprehensive notes for the core as well as the options
  • Ample practice questions to enhance learning
  • Access to comprehensive support system and resources

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