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Theory of knowledge is perhaps, the most unique aspect of the IB Program. The goal of this subject is to encourage thinking about knowledge itself. Questions such as, “Whether it is ‘ethical’ to kill a man to save life of several others?” and “How do we know whether what we perceive is real or it is just the work of some supernatural entity bent on deceiving us?” fall under the purview of this extremely interesting course. In some ways, it can be considered an introduction to philosophy. The subject not only fosters internationalism but also create informed citizens who are able to make informed and conscious choices in life. TOK is compulsory for all IB students and the TOK essay is a mandatory component of the diploma program. A student will not be awarded the diploma unless he/she produced a satisfactory TOK essay.

At Student’s Inn, we conduct both regular and ad-hoc classes to help with essays. We have a structured program for our regular TOK students. The tutor will go over the basic theories and discuss various ways of knowing and areas of knowledge with the students. They are then taught to formulate knowledge issues and write structured prose to discuss them. During ad-hoc classes, our tutors will help formulate the knowledge issues and discuss it in depth with the student. The tutors critique the student’s work and give suggestions to help them improve the essay. Finally, a review is then done to ensure that nothing is missed out and the student can get the best possible marks. Like for all our other subjects, our teachers have extensive experience in teaching IB. Our current TOK teacher is an IB Examiner and has extensive experience with the subject.

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn aims to:

  • Enhance understanding by going over the salient points in the course
  • Promote the ability to formulate and discuss knowledge issues through practice
  • Increase interest in the subject by discussing real-life issues important to the student
  • Develop the ability to critique and analyse using well-structured prose

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