IB Tuition For Psychology

Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. An education in Psychology can do wonders for personal development. Most people find the subject fascinating due to its ability to lay bare the innermost thoughts of the human mind. The IB Psychology program is an introductory course to psychology. It can be taken at both higher (HL) and standard (SL) level.

At Student’s Inn, we provide IB Psychology tuition. We hold both regular and ad hoc sessions. Students have the choice of joining group classes to make learning a group experience or opting for an individual lesson to get more focused attention. The tutors follow a structured course whereby focus is first placed on explaining the key terms and concepts of the course. Practice questions are provided to familiarize the student with the exam format and several case studies are discussed to encourage students to use examples when answering questions. HL Students are also exposed to the mathematical skills required in IB Syllabus. We also help our students in qualitative research and experimental study.

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