IB Tuition For Extended essay

Extended essay is an essential component of the IB Diploma program. Students cannot graduate unless the extended essay is of satisfactory quality. IB Extended essay is essentially an in-depth and focused study of a selected topic chosen from a list of approved diploma program subjects. The purpose of the extended essay (EE) is to allow some higher level research and encourage students to apply their knowledge in real life situations.

Most students do their EE in Business, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, English, Chemistry or Film but other subjects are also possible. At Student’s Inn, we provide comprehensive EE tuition. It is recommended that students contact us as early as possible to ensure that the essay is of highest possible quality.

At student’s Inn we help coach students in:

  • selecting a topic conducive to research
  • formulating a proper research question
  • identifying potential sources of  primary and secondary research
  • Applying relevant theories to the data collected
  • Reviewing the final product to ensure highest possible grade

Those students who are confident of their ability can choose to take just one or two sessions to discuss the selected topic and review the work. Contact us now to schedule a class.

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