IB Tuition for Arts


Music is called the language of the soul by many people. IB Music is designed to help Music students explore the diversity of Music throughout the world and develop an ability to appreciate and perform a variety of musical forms.

There is no fixed course or modules for IB Music and the teacher is allowed considerable liberty in choice of course as long as it meets the assessment criteria of the IB Music Program. Some degree of musical perception and analysis, individual or group work relating to a performance and independent research for Musical investigation is required.

Due to the freedom provided to the teacher in designing the program, we don’t offer group classes for the subject. All classes are one-on-one and the students are coached and mentored to ensure they are able to meet or exceed their school teacher’s expectations. We are the only tuition centre in Singapore offering IB Music tuition.


Film is perhaps the most powerful medium for exchange of ideas. The goal of IB Film course is to coach students to analyse and make film texts. This is achieved by exploring topics in Film history, theory, and socio-economic background. Students are encouraged to consider same texts from multiple perspectives to gain an international understanding of the subject.

IB Film can be taken at both HL and SL level. A HL student is allowed more time to develop textual analysis, theoretical understanding and creative skills. Students who wish to continue pursuing Film in university would do well to take HL while IB Film SL students will just want to gain a basic understanding of the subjects and will not pursue the course beyond the IB Diploma level.

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