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Languages can be taken at higher (HL), standard (SL) and ab-initio level. Higher level is for students who want to immerse themselves in the language and have had significant exposure to the language in the past. At higher level, the student is exposed to a variety of literary works and is required to develop the ability to critique and analyse. Standard level aims to enhance fluency and create the ability to confidently use the language in familiar and unfamiliar situations. Ab-initio level focuses on practical use of language. Subtleties of the language are ignored.


The most widely spoken romance language in the world is considered the easiest language to master for English speakers. We have IB trained, native speakers for Spanish.


The second most widely spoken romance language is considered the language of love. Our French tutor has been teaching IB French for a long time and has an excellent track record of improving scores in IB.


The language spoken by the people of country with the highest population in the world is one of the most popular choices in IB Diploma program in Singapore. Our Chinese tutor is a Singaporean with extensive experience of teaching IB Chinese.


Malay is spoken by over 40 million people in the world and is written using the Latin alphabets, the “Rumi”. Our Malay teacher is also a native speaker with several years of experience of teaching IB Malay.


German is the second most spoken language after English in Europe. Our German teacher has considerable experience in teaching German to IB students.


Urdu is the native language of Pakistan. Our Urdu tutor is Pakistani and has been teaching IB Urdu for past six years. To the best of our knowledge, he is the only IB trained Urdu tutor in Singapore.

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