IB Tuition For Internal Assessments

Almost all IB subjects have some form of internal assessments that are, as the name suggests, internally assessed and only moderated by IB. They are generally an opportunity for most students to display higher level thinking than they are able to in other classwork.

At Student’s Inn, we provide tutoring for all internal assessments. The tutors help the students by focusing the assessment and breaking it down into sizable parts that can be done in a structured and efficient manner. Help is provided throughout the program to ensure maximum possible grades for the student.


We provide tuition for written commentary for standard level (SL) students and research project for higher level (HL) students. We can recommend companies for students who are unable to contact someone on their own. A few days’ notice is all that is required. We are the only IB tuition centre in Singapore to provide this service.


We provide tuition for written commentaries. Our tutors can recommend the article you want to analyse, discuss it with you and review your work to polish it. The service is provided for both HL and SL students.

Group 4 project (Science Project):

Group 4 project is an inter-disciplinary venture that builds appreciation for the usefulness of science in other areas of knowing. The focus is on processes involved in scientific investigation and inter-disciplinary co-operation. We can help students all the way from the planning phase to review of the essay.


Geography fieldwork for HL students and Geography course work for SL students is internally assessed and comprises 25% and 20% of marks respectively. Student’s Inn can help by helping students select a topic, identifying possible fields of inquiry and reviewing the work to ensure maximum possible score.

TOK Essay:

The Theory of Knowledge essay (TOK) is to apply the concepts learned in the course to a diverse range of topics prescribed by IB. It is important to not only apply the concepts taught in class but also to articulate eloquently.

Student’s Inn also provides assistance with Internal assessments of other subjects such as:

  • Historical Investigation
  • World Literature essay

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