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Private Candidates

Student’s Inn offers CIE O-Level, IGCSE, and A-Level preparatory courses for candidates appearing privately.


IB Tuition Singapore

If you are looking for professional, dedicated, committed, and sincere teachers, you are at the right place. Our program directors can be contacted at +65-91779183 at any time for inquiries. Some subjects that we teach are listed in table below. If you need help with any other IB subjects, feel free to call us.

Along with these services, we also provide career counselling services,  university entry test, interview and personal statement preparation. We also have classes for enrichment programs that can enhance university admission chances. Contact us now to find out more.


Our IB Tuition Philosophy

Our philosophy is that students want to learn and, if guided well, can excel in any field they choose. We believe in developing innate abilities of each student to maximize learning from the IB curriculum. Tuition sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. This is why even though prepared notes for each chapter and subject are available, we never start our tuition with them. Our Program directors have a detailed discussion with each student to develop a custom package for every student. While some learn best by cramming everything in a short period of time, others need constant reinforcing to better understand the concepts. No two tuition classes are ever the same. Majority of our tuition are one to one but we also provide group tuition. Our group tuition consists of no more than four students at a time. We ensure that every student gets undivided individual attention by the tutor so that the student’s weaknesses are eliminated and the student is able to have crystal clear understanding of the concepts.


Our IB Tuition Centre in Singapore

Student’s Inn is a premier tuition center, the only one of its kind in Singapore, offering tuition in all subject areas for International School Students. Our specialization in International school syllabus allows us to tailor teach and hence cater to the unique needs of IB/IGCSE and other international school system students. We believe in quality education. Our aim is to provide the best supplementary education to International school students in Singapore. According to International Baccalaureate mission statement, the purpose of IB Education is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are sensitive to other cultures. The curriculum is indeed structured as such. It is challenging and develops not only the knowledge of the students but also their personalities. However, it can sometimes be very stressful and has the potential to overburden the students. Student’s Inn exists to prevent that from happening. We provide a relax and distraction free study environment for our students.

Our IB Tutors

Our tutors are proficient and professional. They are highly qualified, dedicated, and specialists in their particular fields. Most of them have won awards, competitions and scholarships related to their subject area. They themselves have had exceptional results in their academics. Our teaching style is based on a unique triple M system which stands for:

Motivate, Mentor and Monitor (Triple M)

We believe that every student needs motivation to perform better. Without proper motivation a student may not reach his/her maximum potential. Once the student is motivated we mentor our students and finally we monitor their progress through regular tests and exam session. We don’t just talk we walk the talk. Even though we believe that the best testimonial is the one given after one’s own experience but you may wish to look at the testimonials provided by our other students at our testimonial page.

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