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Biology is the study of life and living organisms. It is, perhaps, the oldest of all sciences as men has been exploring nature since the dawn of civilization. Topics as diverse as classification of living organisms to the study of genetics fall under the purview of this fascinating branch of science.

IB Biology is an introductory high school course which serves as an introduction to Biology and prepares students for higher level courses. Focus is placed on developing the ability to understand, recall and articulate biological concepts.
IB Biology can be undertaken at both SL (Standard level) and HL (Higher level). According to IB Biology guide, students with no previous exposure to a subject should be able to handle the subject at Standard level but will find it difficult to adjust if they take Higher Level.

At student’s Inn, we prepare students for examination regardless of their previous exposure. Through a regime of intensive coaching and practice through propriety material, we are able to not only bring about improvements in grades but also develop interest in the subject. IB Tuition in Singapore is not a very competitive business. Due to the practical nature of IB Biology, the teacher not only needs a thorough understanding of the subject but also of the IB Syllabus. It is also mandatory for the teacher to understand the overall philosophy of the Diploma program to be able to link various concepts to TOK and other subjects. This helps in developing interest in the subject and hence makes learning easier for the student.

Student’s Inn’s approach to teaching IB Biology is to go over the basic concepts and illustrate them through examples to enhance understanding of the subject. During tuition, important and more frequently tested ideas are highlighted and the types of questions generally asked are practiced. Focus is placed on appropriate use of terminology and ways of tackling different types of questions. After the session, a good mix of questions from IB question banks and our own material is given to the students to crystallize the concepts and to prepare them for their IB exams. The concepts are then revised in later classes and if anything is found wanting in student’s understanding, the entire process is repeated. The lesson is conducted in a fun and engaging manner to increase aptitude and interest in the subject.

We hold both regular and ad hoc sessions. Students have the choice of joining group classes to make learning a group experience or opting for an individual lesson to get more focused attention. We also help our students with Group 4 project and Biology lab experiments.

So, in a nutshell, Student’s Inn aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of essential concepts
  • Enhance the ability to approach problems in a disciplined and appropriate manner
  • Ingrain time management skills to ensure appropriate revision before the exams
  • Develop lifelong interest in Biology which makes learning fun and easy

Students are provided with:

  • Concise but comprehensive notes for the core as well as the options
  • Ample practice questions to enhance learning
  • Access to comprehensive support system and resources

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