About us

We are a group of dedicated teachers conveniently located near Holland Village. With decades of teaching experience, we are the number one choice for international school students in Singapore. The center aims to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for students to not only improve their grades but pick up lifelong skills along the way.

We cater to the needs of students of all abilities. Most of our sessions are one-on-one and none of our classes have more than 4 students. Along with regular classes, we also offer a comprehensive support system for self-study. Furthermore, we provide countless resources for international school students that can only be accessed from our proprietary online system.

Mentor- Motivate – Monitor (Triple-M System):

Our unique Triple-M system is offered free of cost to all students who request for it. Even though students of all abilities can benefit from it, it is especially helpful for those students who have been significantly left behind in their studies. The system aims to build fundamentals with an eye towards improving grades as fast as possible by mentoring, motivating and monitoring the students (hence the name).

Under this system, personal targets are set for each student after consultation. A custom program is then prepared for each student to help him achieve his/her goal. Guidance is provided each step of the way and students are evaluated on a regular basis. To find out more about Triple-M System, feel free to give us a call at 85122744.

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